Friday, September 24, 2010

Specs leaked Nintendo 3DS: Two ARM11 266MHz processor, 1.5GB Internal Storage

Nintendo 3DS, 3D portable gaming console from Japan is still unknown up to now its official specification. However, based on an undisclosed source, Nintendo 3DS believed to have two 266 MHz ARM11 processor, GPU 133MHz, 4MB dedicated VRAM, 64MB RAM, and 1.5GB of internal storage (still can be expanded with SD Card).

If it is true based on the ARM11 architecture, this is an enormous improvement. There have been many famous companies also use it, like the iPhone, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Zune HD, and some Android phones.

So also with two separate processors when compared with the Original Nintendo DS that uses 67Mhz ARM9 and ARM7 33.5Mhz. For the GPU, which will most likely be the choice Nintendo is Pica 200 who have underclocked speed of 200MHz in a state (according to rumors).

Unfortunately the debut of Nintendo 3DS still a secret, the gamers seem to be patient until this portable game consoles available in the market. News prior to preach Nintendo 3DS, will be released on 20 November, if so, just wait in 2 months.

Samsung Wave recorded One Million Sales in Europe

Samsung Wave has just recorded encouraging sales results in Europe. According to media reports one of South Korea that was launched by GSMArena, Bada handset that uses the OS's first self-made from Samsung is able to sell more than one million units within four months since its launch. This means adding Samsung's success in July, announced that one million units of Wave have been sold worldwide.
Samsung is reportedly is preparing three new Wave series phones, The Wave 2, Wave 2 and Wave 723 Pro. All three are placed below grade Samsung Wave and is expected to spread the Bada platform aimed at mobile phone market lower middle class.